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Bowhunting Hogs At Night With Sniper Hog Lights

By: Adam Parr –

A wild hog hunt has been on the “to-do” list for the last couple years so when I found out I was heading to Texas for three trade shows during the month of August, I started thinking about lining something up during my stay. The original plan was to hunt with a friend but with my busy show schedule and his late work hours, the stars didn’t align like I had originally planned.

Fast forward to the first show and I was bummed that my original plans didn’t work out so I was looking for a new opportunity to hunt pigs somewhere else. As luck would have it, my booth was located across the aisle from Sniper Hog Lights , who are experts at hunting wild boars. Joe Ruiz and Rob Pecht are the owners and they are some of the nicest, most accommodating people you will ever meet. They are a great group of guys who live, eat, and breathe hog hunting in South Texas. Needless to say, I hit the hog hunting lottery when they offered to have me come down to hunt pigs for a few days at their headquarters in Victoria, Texas.

Getting Set Up

I arrived Monday evening with the hopes of getting to hunt pigs the first night but work obligations held me up longer than expected so I was not able to get out in time before the sun went down. Joe and Rob set me up with a 38LRX Bow Light and had me flinging arrows into a target when darkness set in on the first night. They also set up an Exterminator II Feeder Light , which is solar battery powered, so we could mimic real hunting conditions over a feeder. After a few minutes of practice, I was ready for my first hunt the following evening.

Solar Hog Feeder Light

The Exterminator II Feeder Light makes for an awesome night-hunting setup.

The First Hunt

For the first evening, I found myself perched above a feeder next to a swamp with sweaty skin, flying bugs, and high hopes for getting a pig in range. Rob checked the cameras earlier that day to see the activity at each feeder so that we could determine the best spot for me to sit. Lucky for me, they put me in a stand that had really good boar activity so I was excited for the hunt to begin.

As I was settling in before sunset, I heard a few twigs snap and jerked my head up to see a nice boar at the feeder. My heart started to race but he didn’t stick around long enough for a good shot.

At 9pm, I hear a few loud snorts and I see two hogs emerge from the thick Texas brush and begin feeding in front of me.  I let the hogs settle down and eat for a few minutes before attempting to get a shot off but they never seemed to stop moving and I drew back my bow four different times but to no avail. I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with a shot so I let them feed and they moved off without me letting one fly.

The Last Night

For the second night, Joe and I made the drive to the lease and we arrived at the farm around 7pm. Joe was not able to hunt with me tonight so he dropped me off and I told him I would let him know when to come back and pick me up, hopefully with a pig on the ground! He set me up in a stand that had consistent activity according to the trail cameras and this spot also had a 200-pound trophy boar using the feeder one-hour after dark. My hopes were high for an eventful evening!

Sniper Hogs Lights

Ready for the evening hunt in South Texas.

Shortly after dark, I had a group of sows come into the feeder and I readied myself for a shot but after two minutes of the pigs feeding in front of me, the wind swirled and the pigs ran off. Needless to say, I was bummed.

With the clock striking 10:30pm, I texted Joe to come pick me up at 11pm because it was getting late and I had to set up for a show the next day in Houston. At 10:45, a group of younger hogs enter the area of the feeder light and my heart begins to race so I pick the biggest one of the group and let the arrow fly! In an instant, the pig runs off and the South Texas woods are silent again.

Joe arrived shortly after and we tracked the hog to a dense thicket and recovered him after a short track job through heavy cover. I was extremely excited to have my first wild pig on the ground and I cannot thank Joe and Rob enough for the great hospitality and for letting me hunt hogs on their property in South Texas.

Sniper Hog Lights

Whether you are serious hog hunter, whitetail hunter, or outdoor enthusiast, Sniper Hog Lights make some of the best lighting accessories in the world. Myself, as an avid big game hunter of elk and deer, I absolutely love their 40KAP Head Lamp Light and it is the best light you will ever find. In fact, I recently put it to work on tracking my big 6×7 bull elk in Colorado this past archery season.

Sniper Hog Lights 40KAP Headlamp

The 40KAP Headlamp was used to track down my 6×7 archery bull in Colorado!

I won’t ever use another light to track game and the brightness of this light is unreal. Do yourself a favor and check out all of their products at Thanks again to Joe and Rob for the wonderful accommodations and I look forward to getting back to hunt again soon.

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  • Man that’s awesome. I want one of those lights for non-hunting purposes, they look pretty badass. Nice article bro, big fan of your stuff.