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Do You Dream Of Hunting The West?

If you dream of chasing bugling bulls in the mountains and rutting bucks on the rolling plains, you’re in the right place! Transition Wild is all about educating and inspiring hunters from all parts of the country to embark on the journey of a lifetime. We’ve all dreamt of heading West for a big game hunt yet few of us actually take the plunge, and forever it stays, just a dream. Life is too short to keep saying “someday” year after year. If not now, when will you ever make the journey? Whether you’re a beginner to the outdoors or you’ve been hunting for decades, I truly hope this site inspires you to point your compass and head West.

My Transition: MI To CO

In 2015, I left my home state of Michigan to pursue a completely new lifestyle in Colorado. I believe being in a constant state of transition helps to improve ourselves by pushing boundaries into areas unknown. Change is good. It makes us stronger and well prepared for the challenges ahead in both hunting and life. I started Transition Wild shortly after I landed in Colorado and quickly discovered hunting here is much different than my previous experiences in Michigan, so I aim to provide content that will provide insight to a new environment.

About Adam Parr

Adam is an avid outdoorsman who grew up hunting whitetail deer, turkeys, and small game. As a now full-time resident of Colorado, he enjoys camping, hiking and exploring all of what the mountains have to offer. Adam is a proud conservationist and a supporter of the RMEF, QDMA, BHA, and TRCP.

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