Colorado Shed Hunting
Shed Hunting - April 2, 2017

April Fools Shed Hunting Adventure (VIDEO)

By Adam Parr –

A day spent outside is always a good day but a day spent outside while shed hunting is a really good day! Yesterday was one of those really good days. I drove a few hours away and hiked up to a new spot that I digital scouted using Google Earth and it turned out to be a good area for shed antlers.

My mission was to pick up some fresh brown elk antlers but it quickly turned into a mule deer shed hunt. Even though I walked seven miles with over 1,100 feet of elevation gain, the elk eluded me, for the most part. I do recognize that it is still a bit early for elk sheds but I was hoping to find one or two based on recent sightings of bulls in the area.

I’ve been at this shed antler hunting game for two seasons now and as you will see from the video, I’m still learning the ropes. If you need a little advice yourself, make sure to read: 4 “New-School” Tips For The Beginner Colorado Shed Hunter as well as Colorado Elk Shed Hunting Tips. Based on the video below, maybe I need to get better at taking my own advice?

**I apologize for the out of focus shots and bad editing that make up the majority of this video. Apparently, I still have a long way to go in learning how to use a camera and editing software, but nonetheless, enjoy!

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  • Hi Troy – I understand where you are coming from. I’ve made the video private at this time. Thanks Troy.

  • Hi Gabriel – I understand where you are coming from so I’ve made the video private at this time. I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes and wasn’t trying to be selfish. I’ve had multiple people contact me saying I’m ruining shed hunting. Thanks for reaching out.

    • Gabriel Velasquez

      Good luck out there. We gotta sick together if we wanna keep doing what we do. Too many bandwagon people and we can’t be making it easy for them. We gotta keep the honey holes for generation to come. I appreciate your response! And keep the blog up. It’s a great thing!

      • Thanks Gabriel. I agree with you. Good luck to you as well and thanks for the kind remarks about the blog. I really appreciate it!